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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Writings

childseyesMy wife and I find that it is too easy for our nephew to tell us that he?s sorry, to promise that he won?t do something again, or to say whatever it is that he thinks we want him to say, when it can serve to meet some short term goal of his. The problem, of course, is that he has put very little thought into any of it, and it doesn?t mean a thing to him.

Rather than ask that he apologize for something that he?s not in the least sorry about, we have him write an essay about whatever it was that earned him the consequence. Writing an essay serves the dual purpose of enhancing his thought processes while serving as an alternative consequence for misbehavior.

Typically, the results include only about 5% content, or less; but amongst the filler material, we occasionally find some gems. we?ll include some of them here, along with those of other kids with reactive attachment disorder. In the future, we may decide to add some artwork, as well.

We?ve also added writings of other published authors, such as R.D. Laing, which, while not intended to speak to reactive attachment disorder, nevertheless seem fitting.

If you - or your child - have written anything that you think might be a good addition to this area, please send it to me. We will attribute, if you wish, or we?ll respect your anonymity, if you desire.

We?ll consider drawings, as well.

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