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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Online Support Forums

Over the past few years, we have seen several online RAD support forums come and go, and our experience has been that few of them last more than a year. Hosts become either discouraged, because their own child is not healing; or disinterested, after progress has been made within their own families.

The longest active support forum for parents of children with reactive attachment disorder that I am aware of is the one that we host on Delphiforums.

If there are others, please let us know so that we can send visitors there.

  • Delphi Forums: Reactive Attachment Disorder - We originated this forum a few years back, and it is currently co-hosted by ourselves and the webmaster of radkid.com. This is a forum for parents, caregivers, therapists, or anyone with an interest in reactive attachment disorder to meet in whatever level of anonymity they might prefer, to share successes and failures, strategies and frustrations, or anything else related to attachment disorder. This very active forum has been serving parents of children with reactive attachment disorder for well over two years. Lurking is permitted as a Guest, but participation requires registration with Delphi Forums, with free registration levels welcomed.
  • About: Reactive Attachment Disorder - Moderated by Jody Swarbrick, this is About.com’s support forum for reactive attachment disorder. I check in with it every now and then, but it hasn’t been very busy. Participation requires registration (free) with About.com.
  • Hope for Radkids : Moderated by Nancy Geoghegan, this is a long-running and active support group for caregivers of children with reactive attachment disorder. Hosted on Yahoo Groups, this site requires registration, but access is free.





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