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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Review Your Book

If you have written or published a book relating to reactive attachment disorder, or a related subject, and would like us to review your book, we would be pleased to do so.

While we cannot guarantee that our review will be favorable, we will certainly begin our review with an eye toward a favorable outcome.

RadKid.Org places very well in the search engines and directories, and over the years we have sold a lot of books through our association with Amazon.com.

One thing that we have learned is that those books that we have read and can personally recommend sell much better than those that have a generic description.

For example, we have sold nearly 400 copies of the Nancy Thomas book, ?When Love is Not Enough,? and more than 200 copies of ?Facilitating Developmental Attachment,? by Dan Hughes.

Unfortunately, while there are many other useful books on the market, we simply can?t afford to buy them all.

However, if you would take the time to send us a review copy, we will read it and make recommendations based on its merits. Review copies need not be new; they need only be legible, as this is not a ploy to build up our library. In fact, if you enclose return postage, we would be happy to return the book after reviewing it, if you?d prefer.

If you would like us to review your book, DVD, or other resource, please contact us by email to ken@radkid.org for shipping instructions.

-- ken


Last Modified on: Saturday, August 08, 2009`

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