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After dealing with a RAD kid for awhile, one tends to see attachment disorders everywhere; or find references to it in writings whose authors probably never heard of it.

R. D. Laing, a college favorite in the early 1970s, was a psychiatrist, physician, and author of The Politics of Experience and The Politics of the Family, both written before RAD was a recognized disorder. I?ve pulled a few things out of his books that speak to reactive attachment disorder, although they were likely intended for something else altogether. Certainly there were children with reactive attachment disorder around then, whose problems were not so well understood as they would be today.

Nevertheless, I have borrowed some snippets from his books.

I?ve also revisited some songs that most of us are familiar with, one by Simon & Garfunkle, another by John Lennon, and yet another by Kelly Clarkston, and looked at them with a RAD-wisened eye. Although they were probably not all intended to deal with reactive attachment disorder, they are fitting in that context.

I think they work.

-- ken









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