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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Kid?s Writings

radclownOur nephew hates writing assignments. He might spend hours, weeks, or even a month in his small world refusing to begin a writing assignment, but once begun, it seems that he is sometimes able to put some genuine thought into what he is saying, producing an essay that contains some real insights into the way that his mind works.

Or so we choose to believe.

We are very interested in publishing the works of other children with reactive attachment disorder, as well. If any parent of a RAD kid is willing to allow us to publish the writings or artwork of their child, please send it. Sending it by email in digital (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) format would be best, since this will allow you to retain the original. You can simply transcribe the text, if you wish. If you do this, we?d appreciate it if you did so without correcting the spelling and grammar. I can?t promise that we?ll publish everything here, but it is interesting, and perhaps even helpful, to take a look into the worlds of the children we work so hard for.

We?ll consider drawings, as well.

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