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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Frozen Conclusions

During our lifetimes, everyone forms conclusions about their experiences, people, and situations. We use our senses to organize our experiences. This is why a particular smell or sound might remind us of another time or place. When this occurs, we are reminded of how we felt during this original situation. Throughout our lives, we apply past conclusions to current situations

When the past was traumatic, the processing of information might be interrupted, halted, or frozen. When a break in attachment results from abuse, Dr. Joanne May describes seven frozen conclusions that children with reactive attachment disorder have come to accept:

  1. I must be bad or evil to deserve such treatment
  2. It is not safe to trust adults or those in authority
  3. The only way I can survive is to be in control
  4. I am bad and/or evil and my ?bad? behavior is who I am
  5. There is nothing I can do that is right
  6. I deserve to be hated
  7. Others deserve my hate

Joanne May, Ph.D., L.P., L.M.F.T.
The Family Attachment and Counseling Center of Minnesota, Inc

Last Modified on: Saturday, August 08, 2009



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