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Reactive Attachment Disorder: EMDR

EMDR, an acronym for ?eye movement desensitization and reprocessing,? is a clinical treatment that has only recently been found to be of help to some children with reactive attachment disorder.

The same treatment has successfully helped other survivors of trauma, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, combat, and crime, as well as persons suffering from depression, addictions, phobias, and self esteem issues.

This is not something you can do at home. EMDR is a complex approach to psychotherapy that combines other therapeutic approaches with eye movements or other forms of rhythmical stimulation in ways that helps to stimulate the brain?s ability to process information.

Not all attachment therapists approve of, or are trained to provide EMDR therapy; nor will this therapy be appropriate for every patient with reactive attachment disorder. I mention is here only because it may be suggested as a treatment option for your child.

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