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Reactive Attachment Disorder: Cool Down Ideas

  • Take a big breath, 3 times.
  • Go to this list and read it.
  • Tell myself that mad is my feeling, and that feelings are okay.
  • Tell the adults, ?I need time out to think before I talk?. The adults probably do too.
  • After I am calm, be proud and happy with myself if I did not disrespect myself or others during my anger.
  • If I did do some disrespecting, sit a bit longer and tell myself that I made a mistake, but remember that mistakes can be erased and the right behavior put on.
  • Write down some ideas of what a better / correct behavior would have been and practice it the next time I have a mad feeling.
  • Get back at what I need to do if I can be calm and respectful around others.
  • If I cannot be calm and respectful, then sit a bit longer to think of when a better time would be to get what I have to do done. It?s okay to choose quiet time in my room, just thinking.
  • It?s okay to say, ?I?m tired. I?m going to rest or sleep,? and let the adult know what my plan is to get what I have to get done.
  • Write in a journal or diary.
    • I am mad because ...
    • I don?t like it when ...
    • I wish ...
    • I am proud / happy with myself because I was not disrespectful or ...
    • Here is what I think I can do next time ...

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