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Ken Anderson, the RadKid.Org founder

My name is Ken Anderson. I am the chief content editor of RadKid.Org.

While I believe that my wife and I have created something here that has done some good for a lot of people, please understand that neither one of us is a mental health professional.

In my life, I have been ...

  • A youth pastor.
  • A licensed foster parent
  • A single parent of an adopted child.
  • A paper bag machine operator, adjustor and supervisor.
  • A paramedic for more than twenty years.
  • A flawed human being providing kincare to a child with reactive attachment disorder.

I have been - an am - a few other things as well, but this should be sufficient to serve the purpose that it needs to serve here, which is to establish that, while I am not altogether clueless or stupid, neither am I a mental health professional.

If you are struggling to parent a child with reactive attachment disorder, I hope that I have been able to assemble something that will be of use to you here, and I don’t at all mind answering your questions, to the best of my ability, but it is important that you avail yourself of a qualified attachment therapist as well.

Welcome to RadKid.Org. I hope we’ll be able to help you.

-- ken


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