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Parental Strategies: 15-24 Months

Watch for manipulation. When recognized, limit the attention available and redirect the toddler to another activity. Firm limits are necessary, as the child needs to learn to trust that you mean what you say. This is an important part of the attachment process and if it is not done, there is a risk of undoing any gains that have been made. Overindulgence will harm your child, whatever your intentions.

Watch for opportunities to use language to help your child understand and to express her emotions and ideas. If your child is able to express his feelings verbally, she?ll be less likely to act them out behaviorally.

Sing to her, and read to her. Talk to her often, and make sure that she knows that are listening to what she has to say. Remove such barriers to communication as television or other distractions.

If you are adopting a child of this age, get as much information as you can about his previous placements and caregivers. If possible, contact previous caregivers, encouraging visits, telephone calls, and cards. The frequency of your child?s contact with previous caregivers should lessen over time, but maintaining this contact at this time will ease the transfer of attachment from them to you.

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