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Parental Strategies: 0-6 Months

Increase physical contact with your infant. This is best achieved by carrying him a few hours every day. If you wish to use a carry pack, select a front-mounted one that allows you to maintain eye contact.

Do not allow anyone other than the primary caregivers to hold the baby for more than a half hour each day. Only the primary caregiver should feed the infant.

Rocking him can also help. Choose a comfortable spot in a chair that allows you to rock the child, then hold him in a nurturing position, maintaining eye contact while rocking. Singing may also help.

If your baby responds more to one sensory modality than another, draw upon that sense. Identify which sounds, rhythms, sights, positions, smells, and types of touch your infant enjoys, and use them. If your infant is a self-soother, imitate her rocking activities and add an additional element, such as a comforting touch or a song. Try pairing soothing activities up with things that cause a startle response to see if this might help lower anxiety.

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